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The Environmental Research Group Press mission is to create beautiful books that serve as learning tools about Aspen's history and natural world.

The intention of our books is to educate and instill the values of preservation, education, recreation, and stewardship

of public lands.


 ERG Press operates under the purview

of the Envirnomental Research Group.


Envirnomental Reearch Group is a

501 (c) (3) non-profit organization qualified to receive deductible contributions.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH GROUP PRESS | Exploring Aspen's Grit, Passion, and Beauty







Environmental Research Group (ERG) Press is a small, non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to publishing books, photographs, and maps about the Colorado mountains near Aspen.


ERG was founded by Bob Lewis in Aspen in 1976. Lewis was a 10th Mountain trooper during WWII, a hiker, skier, and a student of nature. But first and foremost, Bob Lewis was a teacher of conservation. He derived this ethic from biologist Aldo Leopold, who said that if you teach people to understand nature, they will grow to love it, and if they love it, they will protect it. As founder of the Environmental Research Group (ERG) and later the Independence Pass Foundation (IPF), Bob took those words to heart.


Bob felt there were no bounds to the lessons of nature, and so he conceived the means of sharing nature with the blind through his concept for the Braille Trail. “Louis Braille was blind, and when he was a child, his brothers and sisters took him out into the woods and he felt with his hands all the different forms of nature. He could tell apart the plants by the feel of their leaves, and he touched and felt all the animals on the farm, and knew they were his friends.”


On the last day of his life, while visiting the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, near Crested Butte, Bob napped in a sunny montane meadow in the familiar and comforting arms of Mother Nature. For this dedicated teacher, the comfort of nature was always a salve. It nurtured him until the end. Bob Lewis died in the summer of 2005. He was 84.


Author Paul Andersen has been a professional writer and editor for 35 years. Paul writes books, movies, magazine articles, plays, short stories, and leads the Nature and Society Seminar at the Aspen Institute. He is a regular columnist and contributing writer for the Aspen Times, and has written eight books about Aspen and western Colorado. He lives at Seven Castles in the Fryingpan Valley with his wife, Lu, their son Tait.


Photographer David Hiser is a photojournalist and photo educator. He has had more than 400 photographs published in National Geographic Magazine and is represented internationally by Getty Images. A resident of the Aspen area for over 40 years, he has led and continues to lead numerous photo workshops for Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.


Stoneboat Design is Curt Carpenter's studio in Aspen which has created graphic design, maps, books, illustration & printed ephemera since 1979. The studio' style is elegant and sophisticated, restrained and self-effacing but attention-getting and legible. Clients include 10th Mountain Division Hut Association | Aspen Institute | Aspen Music Festival & School | Close Encounters with Music | U.S. Forest Service | Pitkin County | Lynx Educational Foundation | The Nature Conservancy | ERG Press | Doppelhouse Press | Science/Art Press | WHO Press.