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ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH GROUP PRESS | Exploring Aspen's Grit, Passion, and Beauty

Paul Andersen is an adventurer, philosopher, writer, and one of my favorite people. He channels many spirits of Aspen in this debut collection, which will be a pleasure to those who love the place.



Author of Whiteout: Lost in Aspen

Moonlight Over Pearl: Ten Stories from Aspen by Paul Andersen represent divergent expressions of Aspen, from the rich culture of an urbane mountain town to dramatic aspects of mountain living. Within these stories, nature exerts a powerful force, both vital and lethal, setting a unique stage for personal transformation.


These ten stories span the artistic beauty of a performance at the Aspen Music Festival to a pioneering adventure across the spine of the Rockies. They arc from a seminar room at the Aspen Institute to a remote mountain ski hut in the heart of the Elk Range. They describe real people and real places, offering a portrayal of lives well lived, minds enriched by ideas, bodies attuned to the mountains, and of spirits elated by it all.


Moonlight Over Pearl: Ten Stories from Aspen is a complement to the life force of Aspen, a well crafted, thoughtful book that captures Aspen’s spirit, culture, history and natural beauty. This volume is the first collection of fictional short stories ever published about Aspen, and it fills an important niche in Aspen’s bibliography.

Paul Andersen was born in Chicago in 1951. He fled the Midwest for the Colorado Rockies in 1969 to attend Western State College, in Gunnison, where he got his start as a journalist in Crested Butte.


After living fifteen years in Crested Butte, Andersen moved over the Elk Range in 1984 to work as a reporter for the Aspen Times. An avid cyclist, backpacker, and skier, Andersen has crossed the Elk Mountains many times, in all seasons and all conditions.


Andersen is currently authoring books, plays, screenplays, and magazine articles. He works as a free-lance editor and is a regular columnist and contributing writer for the Aspen Times. He also leads occasional seminars on wilderness for the Aspen Institute and the Whistler Forum in British Columbia. He lives among red rock canyons at Seven Castles in the Fryingpan Valley with his wife, Lu Krueger-Andersen, their 17-year-old son, Tait, two cats and a dog.


Moonlight Over Pearl: Ten Stories from Aspen

AUTHOR | Paul Andersen

ILLUSTRATOR | Curt Carpenter

Hardbound | 8 x 10" | 144 pages  | 7 woodcut illustrations